Excellence in Operations

Salogway-Lean Methodology

Continuous Improvement

It is obvious that “everything can improve,” but at Salvesen Logística, we make this possible through the continuous efforts of our teams.

We promote excellence in operations with principles based on the philosophy of lean management in order to find and develop tools to eliminate unnecessary processes.

This methodology is simple, profound and effective, and is focused on increasing the efficiency of production, involving everybody in proposing and implementing ideas.

We eliminate any activity that adds an expense to the service or processes without adding any value.

We continue to earn the trust of our customers

Food Safety

Year after year, we undergo the strictest health inspections and follow the strictest food safety standards. In addition to the internationally-renowned AIB certification, we are in the process of implementing and certifying an integrated management system that complies with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and FSSC 22000 standards.

The implementation of this system is paving our path towards food safety excellence, and confirms our clear commitment to the quality and sustainability of our operations. Our goal is for products to reach consumers in optimal conditions, ensuring, at every moment, the safety of foods, transparency, the efficiency of our processes and maximum respect for the environment.