Social Responsibility

We are on a crusade to bring the accident rate down to our objective: zero accidents.

Workplace Safety

At Salvesen Logística, we have made the decision to develop all of our employees’ attitude We show them the correct conduct that they must follow when faced with different risky situations. To do so, at Salvesen Logística, we take all the measures necessary to avoid workplace risks to the maximum.

We preserve the health and safety of each of Salvesen Logística’s employees, implementing all of the measures and mechanisms available to us to make sure that every person that enters our facilities leaves them without experiencing any harm.

Our safety management system allows us to continuously work on attitudes and behaviours, honing our culture of safety so that all employees are fully-focused on preserving their own safety and that of their co-workers.

We have specific action protocols to control risky situations during any daily company task.

Corporate Mission

In our desire to develop our business activities in parallel with the development of our corporate social responsibility, our corporate mission and the other actions that we take – whether regularly or on a one-time basis – define our commitment to helping society and people.

We collaborate with different charities and organisations to facilitate the hiring of socially vulnerable people and those who experience difficulty in finding a job. These organisations provide a series of multidisciplinary teams that include psychologists, social workers and guardians that are highly specialised in the logistics sector, who provide all of their knowledge on interpersonal and social issues to our mission.

We reduce our environmental impact by tracking our CO2 emissions

The Environment

We are fully committed to continuously improving the environmental impact of our logistics and transportation activities. We have set demanding sustainable development levels for our logistics hubs, focusing on modernising our buildings and outfitting them to reduce energy consumption. Moreover, a large proportion of the waste products generated at our facilities are categorised as clean recyclables, including plastics, paper and cardboard.

In addition, as the leading transportation provider in Spain and Portugal, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and the global environmental impact of our fleet of trucks. To do so, we closely collaborate with partners developing the use of alternative fuel sources and technical solutions to optimise vehicle fleet capacity, such as double deck trailers and tank trucks. We also work with customers to identify the most efficient transportation routes, helping everybody achieve their environmental goals.

We are currently in the process of implementing and certifying an integrated management system that complies with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and FSSC 22000 standards, which confirms our clear commitment to the sustainability of our operations through maximum respect for the environment.

 We manage our resources efficiently

Energy Management System

Recently, we have been certified in the ISO 50001 Standard, in the centers of Sant Cugat, Aldaya, Getafe, Azambuja I, Azambuja II and Alcobendas (Central), which helps us to implement an energy policy and to adequately manage the energy aspects derived from our activity, which translates into a real and quantifiable saving of the energy cost in the organization.

This standard provides the necessary tools to identify the activities that consume the most energy and that represent an "energy and economic leak", and once identified, activate a plan of measures to minimize the energy consumption of their own facilities and systems in an integrated way, while maximizing their energy efficiency.

All this contributes to an efficient and more sustainable use of energy, and grants maximum confidence in the ISO 50001 management system.

Sant Cugat, Aldaya, Getafe, Azambuja I, Azambuja II y Alcobendas (Central)

ISO 50001