Manufacturers and Producers

Comprehensive Logistics

We cover the entire supply chain, from transporting raw materials to factories up until delivery to the final customer, including storage and handling.

We are specialists in warehouse management and follow the strictest quality and security standards, including date and batch control, control of expiry and FEFO management, quarantines and holding/release of pallets, samples and more, with more than 180,000 m² of multi-temperature warehouse space.

Dedicated Centres

We also take care of our customers’ needs at their own facilities through “in-house” logistics enabling the management of finished products as they leave manufacturing lines, either through our own warehouse management systems or our customers’ systems.

We have vast experience working directly with factories, which lets us easily coordinate and add value to logistics operations, either at our customers’ warehouses or by automatically transporting merchandise to our facilities (tunnels, automatic loading/unloading shuttles).

Value-Added Services

Our solutions include additional services covering:

‒ Special handling, including co-manufacturing and co-packing.

‒ Taking orders.

– Store repositioning.

– Stock and supply management.

– Logistics consulting.

– Transportation control tower (4PL)

Complete Freight Transportation

Either from the origin or place of manufacture of raw materials to factories, from factories to intermediate warehouses or from warehouses to final points of sale, we transport your products while providing maximum quality guarantees and delivering on time.

As a part of our raw material supply service, we transport any type of liquid for the food industry in food grade tanker trucks.

Groupage and Palleting

We have vehicles suitable for every need (multi-temperature, hatch, etc.) to transport prepared orders to the final point of sale with the best reliability in terms of temperature and delivery time.

With our “Fresh Line” fruit and vegetable groupage delivery service, we guarantee complete coverage in the transportation of perishable fruit and vegetable products.

Capillary Distribution and the Last Mile

Through our network of hubs and capillary distribution, we are able to reach more than 30,000 delivery points in Spain and Portugal on time, including home deliveries in main cities.