Who Are We?


 We are a simple, nearby business that

provides clear and effective solutions

The company started its operations in Aldaya, Valencia in 1996 through an agreement between Danone and Christian Salvesen to outsource the former’s logistics department.

Once the joint venture was established, the staggered process to open and absorb centres started, while in parallel developing the company’s clear multi-customer vocation.

Today, its experience and know-how are demonstrated by its growing number of customers and the inclusion of new, increasingly complex operations that have a greater added value every day. All of this is backed by its investment in the development of innovative technological solutions along with a customer service-focused team committed to the company’s mission.

1996 - Valencia, Aldaya1996 - Valencia
1998 - Oviedo - Vigo - Murcia20%
1999 - Málaga - Lisboa, Azambuja - Barcelona, Sant Cugat del Vallés - Pamplona40%
2000 - Sevilla 45%
2001 - Madrid, Getafe50%
2004 - Barcelona, Granollers55%
2006 - Sevilla, Dos Hermanas60%
2008 - Santa Cruz de Tenerife65%
2009 - Madrid, Paracuellos del Jarama70%
2010 - Madrid, Tres Cantos75%
2017 - Lisboa, Azambuja 2 - Aveiro
2018 - Coimbra
2020 - Mercamadrid