365 days without accidents in our Valencia center

Congratulations to the entire Aldaya team!

We are very proud to celebrate a year without accidents at our Aldaya site, in Valencia, on September 21.
Salvesen Logística's prevention policy has been key to achieving this sucess
Our priority is health and safety, but this policy would never have obtained results without the effort and commitment of all workers to reduce workplace accidents.

For some years now, a methodology for continuous improvement in occupational risk prevention based on the DUPONT method has been implemented. This has got us into the Bradley Corner at an advanced independent stage.
The measures taken include motivation and participation of all the hierarchical lines of the company, giving great importance to the leadership of our managers. Along these lines, we have trained all directors and managers in the fundamentals of visible safety leadership. Likewise, all workers actively participate by making preventive safety observations that help us quickly detect unsafe behaviours.

Every day our health and safety fundamentals are reinforced with brief talks at the beginning of the shift and monthly health and safety campaigns are carried out.
These measures are aimed at creating a safer and healthier work environment.

"We are safe" we put safety first. It is our responsibility to take care of each other. Together, we create safe and supportive workplaces where people can thrive and return home from work as healthy as they came.

We celebrate this goal achieved, but we must continue to strive to control existing risks and keep accidents at Zero.