We are very proud to celebrate a year without accidents at our Aldaya site, in Valencia, on September 21.
Salvesen Logística's prevention policy has been key to achieving this sucess
Our priority is health and safety, but this policy would never have obtained results without the effort and commitment of all workers to reduce workplace accidents.

Mantequerías Arias and Salvesen have reached an agreement for the execution of temperature-controlled logistics services in Madrid, at the Supply Logistics Center (CLA) located in Getafe.
With 12.800m² of storage area, 143.500m3 of cold room space, 63 loading and unloading docks, and an approximate capacity of 10,000 pallets, this Salvesen base has the necessary resources for any Integral Logistics and Transportation operation to fully cover Spain and Portugal, and being one of the main neuralgic centers of Salvesen's operations.