December 3, "International Disability Day"

Salvesen marks another milestone in commitment to society

In line with our principles regarding Diversity and Social Inclusion, the percentage of employees with different Skills in the workforce this December 2020 stood at 4.2%

One of Salvesen's principles is equal opportunities for all our workers, respecting diversity, regardless of sex, age, race, religion, nationality, marital status, ability, political opinion, sexual orientation or ideology.
It is estimated that in Spain 5% of the workforce has a recognized disability, and that 2 out of 3 people with disabilities are out of the labor market; This exclusion from the labor market especially affects young people.

A fundamental part of our Social Project is the effective employment of workers with Different Skills. At Salvesen we conceive the success of our activity linked to constant progress in our corporate culture and social commitment.
As a business project, at Salvesen we consider that a diverse and inclusive workforce is the key to achieve all of our goals, so we will continue to focus on offering job opportunities to all groups at risk of social exclusion.