Salvesen and Cares Foundation continue their close collaboration

Salvesen Logística and Fundación CARES held on September 5 a meeting to make an analysis of the collaboration in the year 2018.

One year more, both General Managers have shared projects and strategies, in order to continue the Salvesen Logística Social Project in which the Foundation is the main contributor.

Currently, 117 employees from the CARES Foundation work in Salvesen Logística operations, 88'88% belonging to vulnerable groups, in a joint commitment regarding integration, diversity and social responsibility to empower people in the labor market for vulnerable groups.

In these years of collaboration, 366 people have achieved a job, reaching a milestone in 2017 and 2018, in which 11 people became part of the Salvesen Logística staff, 5 with disabilities and 6 at risk of exclusion.